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Employee Benefits  

People with talent, application and a passion for performance have the chance to flourish at Wajda - we want employees to grow with us and benefit from their experience. Our comprehensive recognition and reward programs reflect this philosophy.

Delivering growth and development

We are committed to growing and developing our people and our track record of business growth reinforces that potential. Annual performance appraisals guide our training and development planning and we offer a wide range of tailored programmes to help people enhance their skills and their careers.

Rewarding success:

As a performance-based business we seek to reward individuals for their commitment to our success. We offer attractive salary packages and every employee has the opportunity to benefit from our incentive programmes.

Staff Benefits:

We offer a range of benefits to our employees. Depending on role and seniority we provide ticket allowances, medical insurance and other related benefits.

Employee welfare

We want people to be safe and secure in their roles. Many employees joining our business are supported on arrival with accommodation arranged for an initial period. We cover flight costs necessary for employees to take up a new role with us and cover essential paperwork costs.

Employee recognition

From our long service awards to our recognition of achievers we make sure we celebrate success and exemplary performance.

Guided by our Vision and Values

We have a clear vision of growth and want to be world-class in what we do. A clear set of corporate values guide us, with a focus on integrity, thinking big, teamwork and a respect for diversity and the contribution of others.



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